Named One of the Top Leadership,
Executive, Culture, and Career
Coaches in the Country

“I consider Debbie's unique cognitive and emotional intelligence some of the best there is in the leadership space. Radical, game-changing, and empowering are the best ways I can describe it." — Mark Eckhardt, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Common

“Debbie’s work gets you to the source of what really matters in your life.” — Arianna Huffington, founder, Huffington Post

“I am more than happy to recommend Debbie Robins to any business leader. She is very smart, dynamic, creative, and driven to help her clients succeed. Debbie is both a successful coach and great trainer.”  — Marshall Goldsmith, one of the world’s most influential business thinkers and million-selling author of more than 30 books

 “Debbie is a master coach. I had the privilege of coaching her into her coaching practice. I have had the privilege of being coached by her. The teacher became the student again. Hers is a profound accomplishment that very few can claim.” — Nicholas Lore, Founder, The Rockport Institute for Career Coaching and Counseling

How do business leaders and companies succeed in a rapidly transforming and wildly competitive global economy?

Today, the one constant you can anticipate is change. Need proof? Just look around. Companies can rise and fall in under twelve months. Adored global brands can be wiped out in less than four years, leaving them worthless to their investors. All the while, the old, siloed business model — fear-based, power-driven, propelled by the belief that gain requires pain — is dying.

In its place? The necessity for visionary, innovative, and caring leaders. The call for leadership that is authentic, collaborative, highly agile, fair, and purpose-driven. Customers expect it. Stockholders benefit from it. And teams are begging for it.

And yet the greatest prerequisite for effective leadership is self-actualization. Leaders must mature themselves, grow their teams, and deepen their customer relationships. Those who have chosen to apply this new approach are seeing radical results: they’re not just surviving; they’re thriving.


Meet Debbie Robins.

Debbie influences the influencers. She advises high-powered leaders, best-in-class C-suite teams, and entire companies on how to meet the new paradigm: the Age of the Knowledge Worker where innovation trumps everything.

An expert in the psychology of success, Debbie brings over 20,000 hours and decades of experience and training to the development of high-impact, game-changing business models and practices. She’s a culture guru and a trusted leadership advisor to vision-driven, goal-oriented executives.

Debbie has been named one of the top leadership and executive coaches in the country. She’s also a highly sought-after career strategist, affiliated with the Rockport Institute of Career Change and Counseling in Washington, D.C. — lauded by Bill Clinton as a pioneer in the field. With an MA in psychology from the University of Santa Monica in Los Angeles, Debbie recognizes how companies that generate a profit by understanding and tending to all parts of the human psyche are the most likely to create value to our world — and a sustainable organizational model for themselves.


Powerful programs customized to meet your challenges and positively impact your bottom line.

Why are you here? Maybe your intention is to effectively navigate an acquisition or try to keep a fragile corporate merger from failing. Maybe you’re considering adding a Chief Culture Officer to your C-suite — a position Debbie is uniquely qualified to hold — to ensure your innovative edge. Or maybe you’re seeking a trusted advisor to help solve your leadership challenges and enhance your leadership skills.

Whatever the reason, you can count on Debbie to actively listen, draw upon her deep expertise to solve your core issues, and create a specialized program tailored to your leadership needs and the needs of your company.


Bebbie's Books

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Debbie’s work has been
recognized by:

  • Maria Shriver
    Arianna Huffington - Founder: Huffington Post
    Marshall Goldsmith - #1 Thought Leader
    Amy Pascal - Co-Chair: Sony Pictures Entertainment
    Hannah Minghella - President of Production: Columbia Pictures
    Michelle Raimo-Kouyate - President Sony Pictures Animation
    Carla Hendra - Chair: Ogilvy Red
    Jeffrey Hollander - Founder: Seventh Generation
    Francoise Legoues - CIO: IBM
    Dan Burrier - CEO: Common
    Mark Eckhardt - Co-CEO & Co-Founder: Common
    Fred Cooke - CEO: Golin Harris
    Mark Forchette - CEO: OptiMedica
    Marc Pollick - President/Founder: The Giving Back Fund
    Nick Segal - Founder & CEO: The Partners Trust
    Nova Spivak - CEO: Bottlenose
    Dave Hodge - Founder & CEO: FingerMusic
    Carolyn Bivens - Former commissioner of the LPGA
    Mark Stagen - Founder & CEO: Emerald
    Laura Nobles - Founder & CEO: Nobles Global Communications
    George Minardos - Founder & CEO: Minardos Group
    Heather MacPherson- President: Ogilvy West
    Peter Schlessel - President: Graham King Productions
    Ken Kahrs - EVP: NBC/Universal
    Robin Eletto - EVP: Paramount Pictures
    Nicola Albini - CEO: Alpi USA
    John Gibbons -  CEO: NeonGrid
    Tam St. Armand - CEO: Capstone Insurance
    Mark Sanor - Principal: Chiron Partners
    Walter and Andrew Kortschak - Audax Films
    Eric Bovim - Principal: McBee Strategic
    Matt Hanover - Serial entrepreneur
    Annette Alexander - Director Human Resources PayPal
    Justin Brukman - Executive Producer: MPC NYC
    Nancy Tate - SVP Marketing: Sony Pictures Entertainment
    Heide Banks - Nationally renowned relationship expert
    Dr. Ron Alexander - Internationally acclaimed psychotherapist
    James Scott - Star: Days Of Our Lives
    Penny Marshall - Director
    Jane Seymour - Actor
    Debbie Ford - Beloved best-selling author, teacher, guide
    Rosanna Arquette - Actor
    Julia Ormond - Actor
    Sandra Bernhard - Actor
    Kelly Meyer - Top environmentalist
    Dot Maver - President: National Peace Academy
    Annie Goeke - Founder: EarthRights Institute
    Nobel Peace Prize winners and more.